Maranella Medieval Minstrels

Music from 1200 up to circa the end of the Wars of the Roses, 1485

Maranella at Tatton Medieval Fayre 2014

Our most usual line-up is six musicians - including recorders, bagpipes, lute, harp and vielle
but we can field from two to six musicians depending on the event and your budget

We dress in authentic period costume and play a variety of early music instruments including vielle (medieval fiddle), recorders, rebec, dulcimer, gemshorn, lute, harp and bagpipes. Our singing includes a capella (unaccompanied) part songs, catches and rounds as well as songs accompanied by lute, harp and other instruments

Tatton Medieval Fayre 2014

Maranella at Tatton Medieval Fayre, June 2014

We are based near Chester, Cheshire

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