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aranella Early Music Consort

12th to 18th Centuries : Medieval, Renaissance, Early Baroque

Maranella is an Early Music Group playing mainly secular medieval, renaissance and baroque music from the 12th to the 18th Centuries on period instruments.

We dress in authentic period costume and play a variety of early music instruments including vielle (medieval fiddle), recorders, lute, harp and bagpipes. Our singing includes a capella (unaccompanied) part songs, catches and rounds as well as songs accompanied by lute, harp and other instruments.

Maranella at Tatton Medieval Fayre June 2014

Maranella at Tatton Medieval Fayre, June 2014

See below for band members

About Us

Based near Chester, Cheshire

Maranella existed for many years as a recorder consort (usually one to a part) which, over time, expanded to include other period instruments and voices.

We play mostly secular early music, songs and dance tunes, from the 12th century up to and including the baroque period.

Burwardsley Concert 2012
Burwardsley Church
December 2012



Maranella Early Music Consort Members

Who we are and what we play!

Maranella at Tatton Medieval Fayre 2014

Our most usual line-up is six musicians - including recorders, bagpipes, lute, harp and vielle
but we can field from two to six musicians depending on the event and your budget

Band Members


Marilyn Farrington
(founder and musical director)

Voice, lute, hammered dulcimer, Swedish bagpipes, border and dudey pipes, recorders

Marilyn is a retired music teacher who has played and sung in many bands and choirs over the years

An early music enthusiast all her life, Marilyn has recently taken up playing bagpipes and her first set of pipes were medieval Swedish sackpipa made by Alban Faust. She also has dudey pipes and shepherd pipes by Sean Jones

Marilyn is also the founder and band leader of ceilidh band Black Cat

Black Cat Ceilidh Band

Elizabeth F

Elizabeth Armstrong

Voice, recorders, border and shepherd pipes, dudey pipes

Elizabeth is a very fine recorder player who plays all sizes of recorder from her tiny ebony sopranino to the huge Moeck bass

Her favourite is the tenor and she has two very beautiful tenor recorders: a Mollenhauer Kynseker in plumwood and a Moeck Rottenburgh in palisander (rosewood)

Elizabeth plays shepherd pipes in G, English border pipes in D and the small Dudey (bumblebee) pipes in D made by Sean Jones

Peter at Tatton 2014

Peter Farrington

Voice, percussion, rebec

Peter has a very fine bass-baritone singing voice

He likes singing songs from Tudor times particularly those from the time of Henry VIII and is rapidly building up a huge repertoire of medieval and renaissance songs.

In Maranella, Peter sings both solos and the bass line in our part songs

Elizabeth T at Tatton 2014

Elizabeth Taylor


Elizabeth is a superb recorder player whose sight reading skills are awesome; whenever we're not sure of a tricky bit of rhythm or a point of interpretation we say 'ask Elizabeth' :-)

She has played in many recorder consorts over the years and has a wealth of knowledge and experience of playing early music - an absolute treasure and a real asset to the group!

Lucille at Tatton 2014

Lucille Brain

Violin, vielle, gemshorn, harp, voice, shawm, percussion

Lucille is our chief bowed strings player; her lovely Baroque violin with gut strings has just the right sound especially for some of our later pieces

She has recently bought a vielle (medievlal fiddle) and we are very much looking forward to including that in our arrangements

Lucille also sings, plays the harp, shawm and the recorder

Her sense of rhythm is superb - if we need someone to keep a steady beat and keep the percussion section on their toes - Lucille is it!

Tom Goodale

Tom Goodale

Storyteller, harp, recorders, voice, hurdy gurdy, pipe and tabor

Tom is a professional story teller whose enormous talents we are very lucky to have available to us in Maranella

As well as story telling (as if that isn't enough!) Tom plays harp, recorders, hurdy-gurdy, pipe and tabor, is learning to play the lute and he sings too :)

Quote from Tom's website

"I have had a lifelong interest in stories ever since reading the tales of the Trojan war when I was very young. As a child I lived all over Britain and have a particular interest in tales from these islands along with myths and legends from the Greeks, Romans and the Vikings.  During a varied career in which I have gazed deeply into the mysteries of the universe and cyberspace I have travelled all over the world and have an eclectic collection of stories from the places I've visited"

Associate Members

To our usual line-up of musicians we can add a juggler, fire-eater, dancers, a jester and King Hal himself!

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